About Maria

Hikefulness – Like mindfulness while hiking…

It is in nature, on the hiking trail, in the mountains that the physical, emotional and spiritual interacts and the senses open up.


I‘m Maria Söderholm….

Traveler, adventurer, explorer, educator and native Swede, living in California.

My keywords are Travel – Nature – Education.

I grew up in Northern Sweden’s archipelago, surrounded by the Midnight Sun, Northern Lights and magnificent nature. I became an educator, due to my interest in world history, social science, geography, geology, leadership…

My passion for travel, started early. As a teenager, I accomplished my first solo adventure in Australia. I explored the country, dived the Great Barrier Reef, and jumped head first into the amazing culture so different from my own. I returned in 2000, during the Olympic Games, to finish my Masters degree in education.

This led to my travel philosophy. Explore and travel with an open mind. Look for the hidden gems, participate as a local and choose the unbeaten path.

I’ve held that belief through the many countries I’ve explored as a solo traveler or in shared group adventures. I’ve led group trips in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. National parks, cities and jungles! I’m dedicated to bringing people together and sharing thoughts and ideas, while incorporating nature and the outdoors.

My biggest adventure was moving to Southern California in 2007, where my focus remained on nature, adventure, wellness, education and local culture. Fortunately, through my enthusiasm, curiosity and years of personal exploration, I’ve discovered the true, hidden beauty of California and can share it with travelers who come to “my” state.

My main focus is to design and produce hiking adventures, sometimes with a combination of yoga and hiking, set in exotic locations.

My continuing goal is to build bridges between people, nationalities and countries. Travel leads us to a better understanding of other cultures and an awareness that we’re all citizens of the world.

Maria Söderholm

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