Day Hikes in Los Angeles

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Visiting Los Angeles – Let’s go hiking!
Escape the crowds and explore the natural beauty of the LA mountains.
Over the years, I’ve discovered the very best hiking trails that abound in LA County. The Santa Monica Mountains provide easy access to wilderness areas, fascinating geology and, with nearly perfect weather year-around, Los Angeles is an outdoor paradise for everyone.

I offer a variety of hikes that are appropriate for every fitness level and are available for 2 hours or longer.  Do you prefer hiking in the morning sun or in late afternoon, with the sun setting beyond the mountains? Are you traveling as a family, a group or solo? We can design the perfect hike for you. We can even pick you up, at your hotel, or meet you there!

Based in LA

The Hiking program include a five time package. I offer a hiking program I call, Hikefulness – Like mindfulness while hiking.

It’s when we are in nature, on the trail, in the mountain that we all start to open up emotionally, physically and spiritually. This program is about being stronger physically and clearer & calmer mentally. 

Some of my favorite spots
The Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak. This trail will take you to the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains, past jagged peaks, popular rock climbing routes and beautiful sandstone formations.

Malibu Creek State Park has not only gorgeous scenery, including a rock pool surrounded by rolling hills, it also holds its own bit of Hollywood history. Twentieth Century Fox operated a movie ranch in this area, before donating the land to Malibu Creek State Park. The long-running television show M*A*S*H was filmed here and we will hike to the site.

Eagle Rock is located in Topanga State Park. Although, situated entirely within the Los Angeles city limits, it’s considered “the world’s largest wildland within the boundaries of a major city”. It’s a hidden gem with unique craggy surfaces, chaparral-covered ridges, rich native flora, incredible spring wildflowers, interesting wildlife and panoramic views.

Corral Canyon This is a wonderful hike with many scenic trails and interesting rock formations you can climb at. Corral Canyon has a diverse wildlife and native flora, which share an ecosystem.

Contact me to learn learn more about the available options or to schedule a hike.

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