Hiking Adventure in Norway, June 14-17, 2019

Embrace your passion for nature, and join us in the Land of the Midnight Sun.


This specially designed Hiking Adventure in Romsdalen, Norway, has been created to fill your heart with nature, your soul with new impressions and insights and your body with physical exercise, good food and deep rest. You will get the opportunity to experience world-class hiking together with likeminded people, beautiful scenery and a gloriously unique perspective.

Learn about Romsdalen in Norway

Norway is one of Europe’s most mountainous countries, and dominated north to south by the many ranges of the Scandinavian Mountains. Imagine steep mountain slopes, breathtaking views and where nature take it to the extremes, this is Romsdalen.

In this magnificent nature, you will explore an unforgettable landscape. A vertical stone wall, “Trollveggen” The Troll Wall, 1,100 m height wall is the tallest vertical rock in Europe. The impressive wall is part of the mountain massif, Trolltindan mountain, (The Troll Peaks) in the Romsdalen valley, near Åndalsnes and Molde, on the Norwegian west coast. There are many stories, based to this spectacular area. One of them says that these are the trolls who didn’t make it home before sunrise, those who turned to stone… At least according to local folklore.

The Troll-area has attracted hikers, and climbers from all over the world for decades. It is a desirable challenge for the climbers and base jumpers, and truly an outdoor paradise.

About the Hiking Adventure

During this trip, you will get time to connect deeply with this unique Troll-area. Led by two, certified, expert guides, who will not only take us on incredible hikes, you will also get the opportunity to learn about the history, the geology, the flora and the fauna that are such a characteristic of this mountain area.

We invite you to follow the footsteps of so many other hikers and get swept away… Be humbled by Mother Nature’s majesty.

Let your life journey lead you to this mountain area and greet the Trolls that protect these mountains. In the end of this adventure you may have created your own personal troll story you’d like to share with the rest of the group, or just keep it to yourself, as a very special memory.

Meet our leaders….

Elisabeth and Maria have a personal story together, and they like to share it with you. They both have a passion for travels and nature.  Therefor, they designed this Hiking Adventure, based on their own interests and beliefs of what spending time with likeminded people in nature can do for your wellbeing.

Elisabeth Dammyr

Entrepreneur, with years of experiences in the travel industry. She’s also Reiki Master certificated. She has study Esoteric philosophy and practicing meditation daily. Elisabeth will lead  guided meditation when we are hiking.

Maria Söderholm

Is a Travel producer and guide, living in California.  She is traveling and working all over the world and love to spend time outdoors, as much as she can. Maria is a wellbeing enthusiast and will lead a light way of body and balance-stretch in the morning, before we start hiking.


Every morning, before breakfast, we start with what we call, Body and Balance-stretch, a mix of yoga, pilates and stretch, to open up our muscles and prepare us for the hike. After breakfast, we gear up and getting ready to hit the trails. But before we leave, we have to prepare our own lunchbox, as the  Norwegian style, called “matpakke”

Sometimes during our hike, we’ll take a break, and Elisabeth will guide you through a mediation. 

In the evenings we will gathering to a family style dinner and learn more about the Norwegian culture.

Day 1 –  Arrival day  – Friday, June 14

15.30 Our guides pick us up at the train station in Åndalsnes

Check in at the Hotel Aak. Our guides will give us a presentation and information about the two days of hiking. 

19:00 pm           Welcome dinner at the hotel (2-course)

Day 2 – Saturday, June 15 

7:00 – 7:45          Body, balance and stretch

8:00                      Breakfast

9:30                      Hiking Adventure 1

Skåla – Litleoksen – Randsetfjellet

A varied and nice hike with fantastic views over the Romsdalsfjord. The hike is in a open landscape and is described as a round trip over Litleoksen and Randsetfjellet. It can also be done the opposite way, starting with Randsetfjellet and then to Litleoksen.


We start our hike from the parking lot at Landsetra. We follow the path through the forest and continue up the ridge. The path is quite steep up to Tjuvgjølet, where you can see directly down into the fjord. Easy-angled ridge last part up to Mt. Skåla and Mt. Litleoksen. Spectacular views and easy terrain along the top ridge. We continue down from the ridge, heading towards Mt. Randsetfjellet, where we will hike on a trail right above the fjord. We hike towards our third mountaintop this day, before we return down on a beautiful trail. 

Distance: 9 km

Elevation gain: 800 metres

Transfer time: 40 min from/to Hotel Aak

17:00                    Rest at the hotel

19:00                   2-dinner course at the hotel

Day 3 – Sunday, June 16

7:00 – 7:45          Body, balance and stretch

8:00                      Breakfast

9:30                       Hiking Adventure 2



The hike over Romsdalseggen Ridge is right in the middle of the most beautiful mountains in Norway, with breathtaking views. Imagine mountains and fjords, alpine peaks and waterfalls – in all directions. Romsdalseggen offers an adventurous experience and magnificent views towards The Mountain Capital of Norway with its famous Troll Wall, Rauma River in the deep of the valley and all the way to Molde and the atlantic ocean in the west.

After about 30 minutes drive from the hotel, we start our hike from Venjedalssetra. The trail is marked by The Norwegian Trekking Assosiation (DNT). We follow the path that is marked between the trees, with some sherpa-built stairs. Half way up this first section, we need to cross a river with a bridge to the other side of the river. Now we are soon above the treeline. When we reach above the treeline, the terrain is more flat and easy elevation gain for the next section.

A bit further up on this trail you will reach a crossing with different signs. Continue left towards Romsdalseggen and hike up a steeper section on a ridge with boulders. This is a tough section, but the reward when you reach the top of the ridge is worth it.

For those who feel fit for a long day in the mountains, it is possible to take a detour to Blånebba. This takes about one extra hour. The normal path, though, is to continue on the ridge towards Åndalsnes. Here you will need to cross a section with a steeper and more exposed ridge just before Mjølvafjellet, the highest point on the ridge.

For this section hold left on the ridge, where you will see directly 1000 metres down to Romsdalen valley. You will reach a section where you need to hike quite steep down to a saddle, where there is also a chain to hold on to. From the saddle there are some easy scrambling on an exposed ridge towards Mjølvafjellet. Some sections are secured with chains that you can hold on to for better safety. On this ridge we will see the highest birch tree in Romsdalen, fighting to survive.

After the birch tree, the terrain is more flat and we start to descend. The path goes left of the ridge and out to “Aakesvarden”, a cairn built on the edge looking down to Romsdalen. From Aakesvarden there is an obvious edge pointing down to Mjølvaskaret, with an exposed passage over to Høgaksla. From Høgaksla, the trail continues down a ridge to the right towards Nesaksla.

From Nesaksla there is a clearly and good marked trail down to Åndalsnes. Parts of this trail you will hike the “Romsdalstrappa” stairs, and we recommend to see the view from “Rampestreken”, which gives you an exposed experience with great views! After the Romsdalstrappa stairs, the trail heads through the forest and down to Åndalsnes town.

Distance: 10,3 km

Elevation gain: 970 metres

17:00                     Well deserved rest at the hotel

19:00                     3-dinner course at the hotel

Day 4 – Monday, 17

7:00                       Stretch/Meditation

7.30                       Breakfast

9.00                       Good Bye Romsdalen! 


About the Aak Hotel

Our accommodation, Aak Hotel, is Norway’s oldest hotel with a long history of serving tourists from all over the world. The hotel has a cozy atmosphere with a modern Scandinavian design. You will get a homey feeling, combined with excellent service, in a very relaxed environment.

The restaurant serves homemade seasonal food based on Norwegian traditions. It describes as rustic gourmet in ample portions.

We have included lunch boxes on our hiking days, and will enjoy lunch outdoors. Our last dinner together will be a 3-dinner course and the other two, 2-dinner courses.


This is the mountains, which also means, the weather can change. You never know for one day to another, so you have to be prepared of a mix of any weather conditions.


10,750 NOK (in shared room)


Nature, Nature, Nature

3 nights in a shared room

Welcome drink, The Hotels delicious homemade apple juice

3 breakfasts

2 lunch boxes

3 dinners, (one 3-dinner course and two 2-dinner course)

2 hiking days, led by two local, professional certified guides (Fluent in English and Norwegian)

Trekking Poles

Transportations to the trails

Transport from the train station to the hotel, on the arrival day, and transport from the hotel to the train station on the departure day.

2 group leaders/the organizers (Elisabeth and Maria)

Not included

Airfare and transport outside designated times

Hotel extras

Alcohol or other beverages not included with meals

Travel insurance

How to get there?

As an environmentally option, we recommend you to take the train from Oslo to Åndalsnes. You will be picked up at the train station and transported to the hotel, Aak Hotel.

Route suggestion;

From Oslo, you take the train, either from the airport at 9.59 am to Åndalsnes. You will arrive at 15.31 in the afternoon. Transportation to the Hotel.

Or departure from Oslo S, train station, at 9.34, arrive 15.31. Transportation to the Hotel.

OBS! Change of train in Lillehammer

Return, Monday 17th

Departure from Åndalsnes at 9.30 am

OBS! Please change of train in Dombås

Arrival at Oslo Lufthavn (the airport in Olso) at 14.32 or Oslo S, (the train station, 15.03).


Step 1: Learn all about the trip; the theme, the teachers, the venue, the location, our policies etc.

Step 2: Register online.

Step 3: You’ll get a confirmation email + 2 emails leading up to your trip preparing you for an amazing adventure.

Policies and terms – get clear before your purchase

We strive to maintain a balance between offering our itinerary to the widest range of participants and running a sustainable and thriving company so that we can continue to create and share our experiences with you. On this specific trip, we like to have a smaller group, 12 people, including the leaders, Elisabeth and Maria.

By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement. Please read in full and please note:

All prices are per person in NOK. All bookings include a deposit that is 20% of the total trip cost. Final payments due May 1.


Additional transaction fees might be added to international payments. The price is based on double occupancy, should there be a solo traveler there is an additional fee for individual rooms.

You will receive payment information upon registration!

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your retreat you must notify us in writing. Once we’ve received your notice, cancellation will take effect subject to the following: If cancellation takes place before May 1 any payments made will be refunded minus your deposit. No refunds after May 1. 

Elisabeth Dammyr and Maria Söderholm reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, guides or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of Elisabeth Dammyr and Maria Söderholm (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups), we require all participants to purchase travel insurance and highly encourage them to purchase “cancel for any reason” to protect them against the rare chance of cancellation.

Gear list

The key to staying comfortable while on an active trip is layering. To get maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection. This gear list has been created to help you in choosing your equipment for the trip. Try to bring only what is necessary as this will help you.

Day Pack (21L-35L)

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking Socks (Synthetic or Wool)

Fleece/Wool Jacket or Sweater

Hiking Pants (Convertible, Quick-Dry, Lightweight)

Long Sleeve Shirts (Synthetic, Lightweight)

Pack Rain Cover

Rain Jacket (Hooded, Lightweight, Waterproof, Breathable)

Rain Pants (Lightweight, Waterproof, Breathable)

Tee Shirts (Synthetic)

Base Layer Tops and Bottoms (Midweight, Synthetic)

Casual Clothing for the evening

Fleece/Wool Gloves

Fleece/Wool Hat, Beanie

Hiking Shorts (Quick-Dry, Lightweight)

Water Bottle (One 1-Quart) or Hydration System, The water is very clean and drinkable from the tap so you can fill up your bottle at the hotel.

Personal First Aid Kit/Medications (Lightweight)

Personal Wipes and Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sun Block and Lip Balm

Sun Hat

Sunglasses and Accessories


Water Shoes (No Flip-Flops)

Electrical Adapter Plug and Converter


Camera and Accessories

Dry Bag (5L-10L)

Ear Plugs

Motion Sickness Remedies

Reading and Writing Materials


Travel Pillow

Travel documents






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