About Us

The story behind the team….
Our team offers a wide range of unique adventure retreats and expeditions for you who want to combine physical activity, regardless of previous experience, with enjoying scenic environments all over the world. We are genuinely interested in traveling and we are passionate about hiking in nature. In some of our retreats we offer a combination of Yoga and hiking.
We are very particular when it comes to choosing suitable accommodation for our retreats. We prefer smaller and charming boutique hotels or wellness centers, preferably with a environmentally conscious profile.
We are not a certified Travel Agency, instead we focus on collaborating with different partners when producing our retreats. We are also collaborating with carefully chosen certified Yoga Instructors and licensed local Mountain Guides.
Booking a retreat with us means discovering new places and adventures, connecting with nature and, at the same time, sharing the experience with likeminded from all over the world.
The participants on our retreats are responsible for booking their own transportation and we strongly recommend purchasing a suitable travel insurance.
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